Pointed Drawing Nibs

Nibs in comparison to each other.

Nibs in comparison to each other.


Line samples of the pointed nibs I use. All except the Mitchell 505 have flex. Most have a lot of flex.

These are all pointed nibs I have in bulk. I have a box of "Assorted" pointed nibs that I am not going to list here.

All nibs except the Zebra G are vintage. Typically from around the 1950s-80s. I used to buy the nibs in bulk off eBay. But find it too expensive these days. The Gillott Lithographic and Crow Quill nibs I found on a mine site (and was permitted to keep), and the Zebra G I bought off Jet Pens.


Esterbrook Drawing and Drafting Nibs

NB. The Esterbrook 357 I used is bordering on a dud. It happens occasionally. Sometimes, as I think it is with this one, they just need to be broken in a little first. 

Joseph Gillott Nibs


Quill nibs are fine, delicate flex nibs with a round base.


The Post Office Nib is a broad flex pen. It is a nib I bought in bulk (really, I have about 1500 of these nibs). I do come across duds. Although I can get fine lines out of it, I typically use it as a brush substitute. It puts down a lot of ink fast and is great for coarse stippling. At the other end is the Mitchell 505 is a stiff nib with little line variation. Just when I was beginning to think all pointed nibs were flex nibs. I only found I had a stash of these nibs when doing the samples, but I foresee using it for cross-hatching. (Though I may sharpen the point.) The Andre and Zebra G are a fine flex nibs; the Andre having the most variation in line with of all the pointed nibs.

Large Flex Nibs

Stiff Nib