1. Under Deo. Act all land declared labile is forfeit to state.

2. D.Twr not labile, should not have been forfeited to state.

3. Trespass to land involves direct and intentional (or negligent) interference with land in the exclusive possession of another without consent or other authorisation. No req that D.Twr knows land belongs to another.

4. Negligence: duty of care owed to occupants by building? Was that the duty of care was breached and that they suffered as a result of that breach of duty of care. Trespass to Land more likely to succeed than negligence.

5. Remedies? (Self-help, damages, injunction) Exorcism?

6. Serious Criminal Trespass not viable: cannot arrest, or incarcerate building. 

7. Exorcism out of jurisdiction. Needs to be secular not an ecclesial court.

8. Serve notice. Do not go above the 29th floor. Do not leave the foyers.