1. “After hauntology. Ontology pre-considered as post-itself; form as not-yet rot (decay as a building process); substance as nutrition for post-substance; the present as ineluctible succumbing to voracity-with-memory; materialism as pre-mulch melancholy; objects as variegated, specific & writhing-edged outlines of wormfood to come: vermiformalism.”

-C. Miéville, “Vermiformilism”, Rejectamentalist Manifesto

2. “World politics and its systems … have every reason to be wary of a politics of decay, because the ultimate truth of decay is that it is a building process that builds a nested maze of interiorities whereby all interiorized horizons or formations are exteriorized in unimaginably twisted ways.”

—R. Negarestani “Undercover Softness: An Introduction to the Architecture and Politics of Decay” Collapse VI: Geo/Philosophy


— Thacker, “Nine Disputations on Theology and Horror” in Collapse Vol. IV: Concept Horror p.65

4.  Residual limbs/organs/cell functions/junk DNA; biological remnants/ghosts reworked into modern organisms. Jaw/Ear bones; Fingers/Wings; Flagella/Secretion systems; the vagus nerve; Mitochondria.